Vism® By Ncstar® Keymod 1" Flashlight/Laser Extended Modular Ring Mount/ Black

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Key-Mod® 1" Flashlight/ Laser Extended Modular Ring Mount.

This Ring Mount is a modular design with three main components. Base Mount to attach to a Key-Mod® slots, a three position mount that can swing to -90°/0°/90° with spring loaded push button, and the 1" Ring Mount that will accommodate any 1" Flashlight or 1" Laser.
Mounts onto Key-Mod® slots.
The Ring Mount can Extend forward past the edge of a handguard for better ergonomics and free up valuable space on your handguard.
Black anodized aluminum construction
This can be configured as a Low Profile 1" Ring Mount or can be configured with the three position pivot for flexible mounting positions for your 1" accessory for an easy access configuration.