Vism® By Ncstar® Ar15 Triangle Keymod Handguard/ Two Piece/ Drop In Fit/ Mid-Length Handguard Length/ 10.6"L

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Triangle profile AR15 Handguard for Mid-length gas system AR15s. Top Picatinny rail is at AR15 receiver heights and Keymod slots are at the 10, 2, and 6 o'clock positions of the handguard. Many shooters finds the wider and flat bottom triangle profile handguards more comfortable to shoot. Easy Drop-In install, no special gunsmithing involved, fits into Delta Ring and front Handguard Cap. Remove factory handguard, drop in the KeyMod handguards and use supplied four screws to secure KeyMod handguard in place. US Patent Pending This model fits: AR15s with the Mid-Length Gas System. This replaces standard Mid-Length handguards. Solid fit, top rail is at receiver height and you have KeyMod slots along each sides and the bottom of the handguard. Includes two Accessory KeyMod to Picatinny Rail Sections. One Short (5 slot Picatinny) and one Medium (11 slot Picatinny) Length Picatinny Rail sections. They can be placed in any of the sides or bottom KeyMod slots. Black Anodized Aluminum Construction Handguard surface overall Length is 10.6". The Handguard extends past the front handguard cap and to the sides of front sight post, this gives you more handguard surface area to place your hand and accessories.