Mark Iii Tactical Gen 2 3-9X42 P4 Sniper

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Tactical scope for mid to long range. Dual illumination for different lighting conditions. Zoom magnification for further target acquisition. Proper height for m4/M16 and AR15 rifles and carbines. Bullet drop compensation for 55 grain .223 with quick release mount

Locking Quick Release mount. More compact QR Lever.
NEW Improved: Scope Centerline height raised to AR15 1½” scope height. More comfortable scope height for AR15s and more room for low profile Rear BUIS.
Lowered BDC Turret height, for lower mounting height for the optional new 34mm Micro Dot mount and optic.
NEW: Blue Illumination.
Dual Illuminate Reticle in Blue and Green, with multiple brightness settings for each color.