3X Magnifier With Flip To Side 30Mm Qr Mount

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3x magnifier designed to be paired up with a reflex sight. Internal windage and elevation to help center the reflex dot to center of magnifier. Focus ring in the rear eye piece to allow clear focus on target. MAGFL Flip to Side Mount places the center of the 3X Magnifier at 1�" above the rail, a popular AR15 Optics height Prismatic lens for a clear high definition image quality. Fully Adjustable for Elevation and Windage, to get your Primary optic�s reticle centered in Magnifier. Quick Focus Ring to get your Primary optic�s reticle in focus. Quick Release 30MM Flip to Side Mount allows shooter to flip the Magnifier off to the side with a push of a spring loaded button for direct view through 1X reflex optic. Shooter can flip the magnifier back directly behind reflex optic for 3X magnification, to get a closer view of the Target.