Rifle Flag 2nd Amendment Yellow T-Shirt

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Yellow signifies Pro 2nd Amendment!
Wear our yellow Rifle Flag shirt to show your support for the 2nd Amendment.  The front of the shirt features seven significant rifles in American history integrated into the American Flag.  On the back is "We The People of Rhode Island" across the shoulders followed by all of the gun shops and tactical stores where you can locally purchase the shirt. 

Support your local businesses while supporting your 2nd Amendment! 
Over a dozen businesses came together in a unified effort to make this possible.  These shirts are available from the following gun shops and tactical stores located throughout the State of Rhode Island: Surplus Provisions, Big Bear Hunting & Fishing, Midstate Gun Company, A&M Tactical, The Preserve Sporting Shoppe, Freedom Sports & Arms, D&L Hunting & Outdoor Lodge, Competition Shooting Supplies, Lost Treasures Gun & Coin, Rhode Island Gunworks, Proline Firearms, Rhode Island Guns & Ammo, and Heritage Gun & Coin.

Supporting the 2A Community!
For every shirt printed, $1 is donated to a Pro-2nd Amendment Organization.  For the first run of shirts in July 2019, $550 went to the 2nd Amendment Coalition, and the next run will be another Organization fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights!