12G Shotgun Tri-Rail Weaver Mount For 1" Mag Tube

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Rail designed for 12 gauge shotgun tubes. Allows accessories to be mounted in the 3,5,6,7, and 9 o'clock position.

NcSTAR®’s NEW Shotgun Magazine Tube Rail Mount is design to fit onto most 1” diameter Extended Shotgun Magazines tubes.
When mounted onto you Shotgun Extended Magazine tube, this will allow you to attach multiple weaver & Picatinny style accessories to your shotgun.
The rails are designed so that you can attach your accessories like Lasers and Flashlight at any of the 5 angles that the rails provide
This can also be used on any 1” diameter accessories like flashlights, and lasers.
Mounts onto magazine tube with the two provided Allen head bolts. Installation may require user to disassemble shotgun barrel, magazine tube/end cap/ clamp.