Ncstar® Ruger Mk2 Pistol Micro Dot Base Mount

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NcSTAR® Low profile Micro Dot base mount for the Ruger® MK2 pistol with factory predrilled receiver. The easiest method to adding a Micro Dot optic to your MK2 pistol. The Micro Dot base mounts in front of the ejection port and doesn't require the removal of the rear iron sight. Micro Dot optics allows for quick and easy target acquisition of your target.

Micro Dot base mount bolts directly onto the MK2 receiver with two supplied bolts. Provides a low mounting platform for a Micro Dot reflex optic. The low profile mount allows the optic to be mounted closer to the bore of the barrel.
Micro Dot base is compatible with all the NcSTAR Micro Dot type optics: DDAB, DDABG, DDABL, DXGAB.
The small and compact mount does not add unnecessary weight to your pistol.
Black anodized aluminum construction
Includes mounting and tool hardware.