Condor Double Kangaroo 5.56 / .223 Mag Pouch - Multicam #MA51

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The Condor Double Kangaroo Pouch is designed to hold both the M-4/M-16 mag and a pistol mag in a single pouch. This pouch holds 4 clips total. Both of the M-4 mags are secured with a quick releasing bungee for fast reloading. The small arms mag closure is velcro so it can be adjusted to fit many clip sizes. This is a heavy duty and well made dual purpose clip pouch. The pouch has Molle straps on the back to attach it to your chest rig, belt or other gear. The color of this item is shown in the main photo of the listing and mentioned above. Other photos are used to show features and other angles so they may be in a different color.