Russian Army GP-5 Gas Mask ( Choice of Size ) Optional 40mm Military NBC Filter [Small,40mm Gas Mask Filter Included]

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Russian GP-5 Civil Defense Gas Mask. Designed for protection against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. This is the civilian issue gas mask. It comes with a gas mask bag and shoulder strap. You also have the option to add a gas mask filter to your order by choosing it in the accessories drop down menu. Size: Choose the gas mask size you would like in the drop down menu. To find the size right for you please refer to the size chart in the photos. Accessories: This listing is for one GP-5 gas mask. You can purchase the gas mask alone or add a gas mask filter to your order in the accessories drop down menu. Condition: This item is new old stock military surplus. ALTHOUGH THE GAS MASK AND FILTER HAVE NEVER BEEN USED, WE ACT AS A THIRD PARTY DISTRIBUTOR AND CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LEVEL OF PROTECTION THEY PROVIDE. THE GAS MASKS AND FILTERS ARE SOLD "AS IS." FOR COLLECTORS ONLY.