Military Elite Large Surgical Kit

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Tactical Pouch with Surgical Instruments Set and Accessories

The Elite Medic Surgical Kit is the best of its kind on the market. We built this kit starting with the Condor MA54 T&T tool Pouch, which was chosen for its high quality construction and various design features. The pouch has two large internal pockets with one of those pockets having a zipper, numerous elastic webbing slots of various widths to fit different sized tools, and an adjustable cord that provides a stand open hinge feature. The design is perfect for your surgical set and it has enough room for many other add-ons. The front of the pouch has multiple strips of loop velcro Molle webbing to attach velcro moral patches or other gear pouches. The back of the pouch has four mod straps to attach the kit securely to your backpack or other gear with Molle webbing. The contents of this kit were specifically chosen with military applications in mind. Our surgical kits use only the highest quality medical products from trusted brands such as Dynarex, Dukal, Keebomed, and others. The contents are guaranteed to be fresh, having expiration dates years into the future. The surgical instruments are multiple use and made from quality stainless steel. Surgical instruments are individually bagged and come in a heat sealed 4mil food grade poly pouch to prevent oxidation.

Pouch 1 - Condor Brand T&T Pouch #MA54 Dimensions: 10"W x 7.5"H x 1.5"D

Surgical Instruments
1 - 5" Needle Holder
1 - 5" Straight Hemostat
1 - 5" Curved Hemostat
1 - 4" Curved Dissecting Scissors
1 - 4" Tweezers
1 - #3 Scalpel Handle
2 - #10 Scalpel Blades ( Sterile )
2 - #11 Scalpel Blades ( Sterile )
1 - EMT Shears
1 - Pen Light with Pupil Gauge
2 - Suture Sets ( Sterile EXP: 2020 ) ( Brand Hope Medical / Keebomed )
1 - Tourniquet

2 - Alcohol Prep Pads ( Antiseptic )
2 - Povidone-Iodine Prep Pads ( Antiseptic )

2 - Nitrile Surgical Gloves ( Best Quality & Latex Free )
1 - Israeli Combat Bandage
2 - 4" Gauze Pads ( Sterile )
2 - 3" Gauze Pads ( Sterile )
1 - 4" x 4.1yds Stretch Gauze Roll
1 - 2" x 4.1yds Stretch Gauze Roll
1 - 1/2" x 10yds Roll Paper Tape

The size of the surgical instruments are the size advertised above or they will be larger ( May Vary ) All instruments are stainless steel. Suture sets and blades expire 2020 or later.

NOTE: The surgical Instruments in this product are not sterile and are not for medical use.