PDI Sani-Hands (100 per box ) 5"x8" Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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Included is one box of 100 wipes. Each wipe is individually packaged in a foil packet.

Information as Provided by the Manufacturer, PDI:

PDI Sani-Hands Wipes are instant hand sanitizing wipes that are clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs.
Sani-Hands Wipes are the #1 hand sanitizing wipe in healthcare.
They are clinically proven more effective than gels alone.
Sani-Hand wipes are food code compliant and are safe to use before eating and drinking.
They are also clinically proven to moisturize skin after repeated use.

Size: 5" x 8" Wipes
Brand: PDI Sani-Hands
Quantity: 100 wipes per box