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NcStar / VISM

Universal 12 Gauge Shotshell Side Saddle 4/6 Capacity

Universal 12 Gauge Shotshell Side Saddle 4/6 Capacity

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Shotgun shell side saddle capable of holding 4 or 6 shells. Attaches to the frame of shotgun by hook and loop fastener to allow easy removal or installation of extra side saddles.

A12SH4/6 is a very unique Shot Gun Side Saddle that will hold up to 6 each 12 gauge Shot Shells. The Side Saddle has a unique Dovetail slot that will allow you to customize the Shot Shell Storage capacity. It can be configured in three capacities: 6 Shot Shells, 4 Shot Shells, or 2 Shot Shells.
The 4/6 split design will also allow you to configure the Side Saddle to fit onto Pump Shotguns with the longer handguards that go over the receiver in the Open position. Where a fixed 6 Shot Shell Side Saddle would interfere with the operation of the Pump Action, you can configure this Side Saddle to hold 4 Shot Shells for maximum clearance of the Pump Action.
Designed to fit onto the side if the receiver for the majority of Shot gun receivers in the market place, both Pump Action and Semi-Auto shotguns. Installs onto the Shot Gun with Industrial Strength hook and loop fastener.
Purchase a couple Side Saddles and load them up with different types of Shot Shells, so you can quickly change out your ammo load out in a shooting stage or replenish an empty Side Saddle on the go.
Industrial Strength hook and loop fastener that will not scratch the finish of your shotgun. You can custom cut the hook and loop fastener to the exact shape of your shotgun model.

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