Vism® By Ncstar® Spd Micro Solar Reflex Sight With Rail & Rmr Mounts

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SPD Micro Solar powered reflex optic with a Picatinny/ weaver type rail mount and RMR® compatible base mount. The SPD Micro is small enough to be mounted onto RMR® cut semi auto pistol slides. The SPD Micro also makes a great primary or secondary optic for your long guns with Picatinny/weaver type rails.

The solar cells are mounted on top of the reflex sight and will power the red dot whenever there is sufficient sun light on the solar cells. The red dot automatically turns on, when there is sufficient sun light.
The optic can also be powered by the onboard CR2032 battery. The side mounted battery compartment allows the changing of the battery without the removal of the optic from the firearm.
The SPD Micro base is compatible with a RMR® base and also includes a Picatinny/weaver type rail mount, providing maximum mounting versatility. Mount the optic to your factory RMR® machined pistol slide or your custom RMR® cut slides.
The large digital controls on the left side of the lens housing allow you to control the brightness of the red dot and switch between solar and battery source. A red LED indicator in the center of the digital controls will turn on when the red dot is powered by the battery.
US Patent Pending