Aquamira WaterBasics Gravity Flow Water Filter Kit - Series II Green Line

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WaterBasics Gravity Flow Water Filtration Kit.
Includes everything you need to pump and filter safe drinking water during emergencies.
Includes the new Series II Green Line filter for bacteria, crypto, and giardia removal. The filter will also reduce Chlorine and other chemicals and improve taste, clarity and remove odors. The system is a perfect preparedness item for emergency situations where your water sources are unknown, such as natural water sources, lakes, ponds, and streams or stored water. This is also a great system for camping and hiking trips in the wildernesss. The system will provide up to 80 gallons of clean and safe water that can be used for drinking, cleaning, washing. The filter is replaceble and additional filters can be purchased if more filtration capacity is needed.

( Step 1 ) Designate and fill a container with "Unfiltered" or "Dirty" water.
( Step 2 ) Use the bulb pump to start the siphon from your "Unfiltered" wter source to a clean water container.
( Step 3 ) Enjoy your clean drinking water.

- Series II Green Line Filter
- Tubing
- Bulb Pump
- Flow Control
- Connector Cap

- Easy Set Up
- BPA and Iodine Free
- Removes Bacteria, Crypto & Giardia
- Reduces Chlorine and Other Chemicals
- Improves Taste, Odor and Water Clarity