Wavian Heavy Duty Military Water Jerry Can - 5 Gallon (22 Liters) OD Green

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One brand new heavy duty plastic water jerry can. Manufactured for the military by the Wavian USA company in Australia. These cans are made from thick, durable, BPA free, food grade plastic that is UV stabilized for extended outdoor use. An opaque resin inhibits bacterial growth in the can. The ouside of the cans are textured for a non-slip easy to grip surface. The can is designed with a breather for no-glug fast pouring. These are ideal for water storage and transport. Each jerry can holds 5 gallons or 22 liters.


- Heavy Duty and Durable Container
- BPA Free Plastic
- UV Stabilized For Outdoor Use
- Textured Non-slip grip
- Opaque Resin Inhibits Bacterial Growth
- Breather For No-Glug Pouring


Capacity: Holds 5 Gallons (22 Liters)
Material: BPA Free Plastic
Dimensions: 18.25"H x 13.5"L x 6.25"W
Weight: 3.3 Lbs
Color: Black